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Retirement accounts

Mandatory reporting of foreign assets on Form TD F 90-22.1

The Federal government keeps tabs on your bank accounts in the USA. But what about overseas? You're required to report on your international accounts every year, and penalties for failure can be stiff.

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Automatic two-month filing extension

Did you know that when you are living overseas, you are automatically eligible for a two-month extension on filing your tax return? Read on for full details.

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IRA contributions

Did you know that you are not eligible to contribute to your IRA if you are taking the Foreign Earned Income exclusion? In fact, if you do make a contribution, you will owe a 6% tax on the amount.

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How and where to file

Here you'll find the address to use when mailing a return from overseas, as well as information about the most reliable means to get it there.

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Do you need to file a return?

Many Americans simply stop filing tax returns while they're out of the country. But they're probably breaking the law, and it can catch up eventually. Read on to find out what your legal requirements are.

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